Thursday, September 11, 2008


You may be wondering 'where the noodles has Julie been?!'

Well... here.

That's right, the Birdseye blog version 2.0 - bigger, better, and just beautiful, if I may say so myself.

** Be sure and update your bookmarks list on your computer with the new address! This one will be scarce...indefinitely....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prized Possession

K & T wanted to show off their 2-month-old baby brother, Q, to me, so we had a playdate!

These boys were so sweet. They showed me their room, the play room, the TV room, and all of their prized possessions in between. (most notably, Q)

These squishy cheeks and lips are so kissable! I love this age. They are just mush in your arms to cuddle to your heart's content. (Or more realistically, until your arms get tired if they're a sweet chunk, like Q.)

He had so much personality. Well, both of the big boys did. They were just typical, happy, little guys excited to have some one to show off for!

Mom & Dad caught a quick moment alone which I think lead to a case of the giggles...


K has double the super powers: to crack me up and take flight at the same time!

Q's most effective super power is flashing that grin. I'm sure that has a stronghold over Mommy, making her heart weak.

*Aren't "Q" names rare? You want to know what his name is, don't you... It's a cute one, but I've never heard it before, and I instantly loved it.

September Cover

For the September cover of the Denton Connection, I had the privilege of photographing Denton's new mayor, Mark Burroughs. He was a very easy-going subject, as the editor of the magazine and I trekked with him all over City Hall. It was a pleasure working with him, and getting to chit-chat about the new, exciting things that are making their way to our corner of North Texas.

Q & A

What is your favorite working environment?

My Answer:
Windows open on a cool, breezy day, sipping a (all-time-favorite-seasonal-drink) pumpkin latte.

Oh, what's this???....

Um, this would be happiness...

*What is your favorite working environment? (I know not everyone - insanely enough - enjoys a latte.)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Skin to Skin

M has just a couple days left to soak up all of the only-child life he'll ever know.

His beautiful mommy is carrying a very best friend for him.

Baby brother M will be here very soon, and this sweet little trio will have one more to share the love and laughs with.

While M is not used to having to share the limelight, his daddy is, after having been an accomplished TV & film actor in LA for 18 years! (Impressive, much?!!)

(This shot cracked me up! M found his ears!) So sweet how daddies let their children humble them.

It was a drizzly morning, but this umbrella livened things up outside for us!

Can't wait to see you again to meet the new addition!

Friday, August 29, 2008


If you have picked up your September issue of the Denton Connection, or the DFW Kids Directory, you have already met my new love, so now it's time to introduce her to the blogging world.

Meet the new face of Birdseye.

She has inspired change around here. Big things are in the works! In the coming weeks, we'll reveal our new blog and website. Stay tuned...

Catch Me

This shot cracks me up, from the session below. And ironically enough, this shot was taken in the EXACT location as my last blooper I posted. I suppose by the time we reach that locale, the kiddos are d.o.n.e.!